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The 1% Marketing Nerd You Were Waiting For.

99% of marketing agencies hate me. Why? Because:

If I don’t move you up the rankings to get you more calls in 30 days – I don’t want your money.

I don’t want to charge you a retainer.

I don’t need a contract imprisoning you to stay.

I am not looking for 100s of clients. I look for a handful of partners.


Because when you grow and your calendar is booked with jobs, I get paid for performance.

I will fill your calendar with the right jobs first.

This Is It. A Nerd Who Understands What You Need and How Google Actually Works.

Tell us how we can serve you:

“Why Us”, “We’re Different”…blah blah blah…you’re sick and tired of it because you’ve heard it 1000 times before.

Your business might not be at the stage where you can work with us. Your website and Google listing might’ve been too damaged from previous SEO agency work. There’s a huge chance we already have a client that’s in your area and your niche. We will tell you like it is.

We don’t want 1000 clients. We want a few long-term partners. If it won’t work or if we can’t work together – we guarantee to refuse your business.

Ok. All Marketing Agencies Talk Sweet. How Do Ya’ll Nerds Actually Get Me Calls?

If you want testimonials, success stories, or references – we will shower you with them until you’re sick. Our process works. We’ve helped hundreds of contractors get the business they deserve. We’ve proven it time and time again.

However, we can’t help everyone. If you’re expecting 100s of calls in a week or if you’re a fly-by-night company – we’re not for you. We limit how many people we work with and shut the gates on accepting referrals.

Why? We are only looking for a handful of killers – driven contractors who want to dominate their specific local area, have excellent reviews, don’t have a bad reputation, and want to establish themselves to provide an honest service for years to come.

If you are one of them, we will grab a cup of coffee together, sit down and talk about your goals. The marketing plan we develop is custom to you, your business, and if we decide to get you on board, we will never…ever work with anyone else in your area that offers the same service.

Oh…and if we’ve reached out to you…it means we don’t have a contractor we’re working within that area…yet.

Are You Scamalamalamers? I Need Proof.

Cool. Here’s Proof:

Below, you will see a small smidge of the beautiful people we worked with. And yes if you need more, we will give you more. Don’t want to make this website too bulky and put your scrolling finger in a comma.

Ok…You Sold Me…Take My Money.

Nope. We Need To Guarantee You’re a Good Fit First. And If You’re Not Ready, Here Are The Common Questions We Get:

How long does it take?

If I don’t move you up the rankings to get you more calls in 30 days – I don’t want your money.

You’ll see that very early – I have no fear guaranteeing that.

Done it 1000s of times…

For 1000s of websites…

For 100,000s of keywords…

The last 10 years.

You know it’s not about the rankings. All the fancy reports and graphs in the world don’t make sense if your phone ain’t ringing.

Even calls don’t make sense…

If they don’t result in jobs and revenue for you.

I’ve gotten enough jobs booked for my clients to the point where they don’t have 10 min. for monthly Zoom calls with me.

I’ve been told it’s a good problem to have.

So do ya'll do SEO to get the calls?

Different. The strategy, including the budget, is custom-made based on your needs as our partner. I’m yet to fail to make that happen – we will determine what it takes to reach your specific goals. Nothing less, nothing more.

It’s so funny because this is where 99.9% of agencies fail.

They get hung on 1 speciality. 1 tool because they are a “SEO” company and “we specialize in this 1 thing only!”


How about specializing in the best of all worlds to finally deliver an ROI to your people instead of taking hard-earned money and telling them to wait for a year?

Tried marketing gurus before - took my money and delivered nothing. You nerds will do the same, huh?!

I can’t tell you how angry the industry makes us. The stain these scammers have left on the industry, the term SEO, and the actual 1% of people who know what they are doing makes it extremely hard to trust anyone.

You have been mistreated and lied to badly. This is why we literally refuse to work with someone if there’s an even 1% chance we can’t help them. We put people first, serve your needs, and build that trust between us and you little by little, at your own pace that is comfortable for you.

I do not…


your retainer…

your signed contract…

or your benefit of the doubt…

I’ll make more money taking a % of the revenue I generate you because I’ve always delivered.

Will you sell me on a new website to even begin?

Nope. We are not an eye-gauging agency that forces you into a website deal. That will never be us. As long as you have a website that we can work on and you’re happy with it – leave the rest to us.

How the hell do I know that YOU know what you're doing? Everyone says the same...

Because we have proof of references, results, real-time call recordings, and concrete Google rankings to show in areas that are most likely more competitive than yours. We aim to change the industry. To do that, we can’t snake people. If we can’t do what we say we are going to do for your business – we don’t want your money.

Is there any guarantee this will work?

There is. I know that will help you feel more comfortable in the initial weeks of us working together. To get the whole A-Z rundown of what we guarantee and what we do, go ahead and schedule that call using the orange button below.

It is going to be short, sweet, and 100% eye-opening for you and your business. You will either leave that meeting with a partner for life or know exactly what to do to squeeze out more calls from your efforts online – that you can be rest assured of.

Your Business: Let’s Talk About It.

I know it’s annoying to get pitched and waste an hour of your busy life on a Zoom call with a nerd who promises you the moon and delivers a golf ball.

That is never going to be us…besides the nerd part.

It will take minutes to know if this is for you.

And if not, we’ll send donuts.

Don’t like donuts? Sigh. Ok FINE. here’s a digital carrot πŸ₯• and a cool AI picture of me pissing off another evil SEO agency scammer that doesn’t deliver.

Still a no? Sigh…I give up…click for memes.