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A Plus Roofing and Gutters

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Their Challenges and Objectives:

1. Create their first website in order to reflect their work (e.g. work examples, testimonials, CTA buttons, service display, etc.)

2. Get ranked for roofing keywords in the Cedar Rapids, IA area

3. Get ranked for gutter cleaning service keywords in the Cedar Rapids, IA area

4. Get ranked in the maps (3-pack) section for both roofing and gutter cleaning service keywords

Brief Overview of My Work:

1. Their brand new website called was created and optimized for phone and desktop devices.

2. Ranking pages for roofing and gutter cleaning in Cedar Rapids, IA were created and their on-page SEO was done.

3. The web property was added to Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.

3. After the ranking pages indexed, a natural link foundation that consisted of citation/web 2.0 links was built.

4. Due to their previous business website, their Name, Address, and Phone (NAP) were conflicted across hundreds of platforms, which required me to fix/remove/restore 100% of their citation listings online.

5. After the initial link foundation was built, relevance and authority link stacking methods were used to build relevance/power.

6. The final stage consisted of building contextual links to maximize relevance from the perspective of the search engines.

7. On the 6th of June 2018, the new website has landed on SERPs (avg. position = page 6).

8. On September 21st, the website has hit the 1st page for 10 keywords, one of them landing in the top 1-3 positions.

9. On the 3rd of November, the website hit the top 3 positions for 7 keywords and 15 keywords on the 1st page.

10. June 24th, 2019 – Website landed in the #1 position in the 3-pack and the top 3 positions for their 16, most important customer keywords.

Ranking Results:

169+ new customer calls were generated from Aug 26th, 2019 – Sept. 25th, 2019 – proof below.

65+ of these new customer calls were generated from Google Maps rankings during the same timeframe – proof below.

The same average call volumes persisted throughout the timeframe of the campaign, once all keywords hit the top 3 spots on Google organic and maps listings.

Screenshot Proof of Rankings:

Screenshot Proof Taken From Google Analytics:

From 0 to 401 avg. active users a month

Proof of New Users and Website Conversion Rate:

Conversion Rate: (169 calls / 386 new unique visits) * 100% = 43.7% CVR.

43.7% of 386 unique visits = roughly 169 calls, exactly as shown in screenshots.

Customer Call Screenshots For Proof.

Organic Rankings + Maps Rankings:

169+ new calls per month.

Results From Map Rankings Specifically: 65+ calls per month.

Results From Map Rankings Specifically: 65+ calls per month.

Total New Monthly Call Average:

169+ calls/mo

Total Ranking Journey Documented:

(Part 1, Year: 2018)

Final Result Documentation:

(Part 2, Year: 2019):