It is always fun to travel to different countries and meet new people in the internet marketing industry. I don’t usually like traveling because I’m quite the introvert, however, when I first visited London, the experience was phenomenal. I’ve visited a search marketing conference that was held in Kentish Town – a location that is in north London. Now you might ask – Carlos why did you travel so far? Couldn’t you just visit an SEO conference in the US? Well, my business partner is originally in London and we’ve actually never met in person – our daily communications were always executed using Skype or Zoom.

Top-Rated London SEO Expert

So besides the fact that I was really excited to meet my business partner, I also wanted to try out traveling one more time. From all the past experiences that I had, they were not as fun as people told me. However, I knew that I was missing something. I knew that all the stress that comes from traveling can actually be avoided with careful planning and preparation. When I visited the conference, I was shocked to see that some people there know my company and myself. In fact, some of them have created pages where they say that I’m the best SEO that has visited London – click here to see their post. What shocked me even more, was that they were using one of my videos as training material to train some of the companies.

They used this video below:

After meeting all these search engine marketing experts, the number of insights I’ve gained about my industry was amazing, because, for the first time in my life, I actually talked to experts who had the same business model I had. One of them has actually posted a picture of me working with his team in 2018 – that was really cool to remember.

Honestly, if any of you are still thinking about traveling for work and going to various masterminds around the globe, I will post a picture below that was taken during the conference I attended – how cool is that?

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