Case Study:

Challenge Advisory

Their Objectives:

1. Start gaining exposure for their Digital Twin SaaS (software as a service) on the search engines

2. Promote their Digital Twin conference by ranking their website for event-related Digital Twin keywords

3. Increase their online visibility on Google for Series A Funding related keywords to start promoting their service for startups

4. Increase their overall brand exposure for Digital Twin related topics to establish themselves as experts

Their Challenge:

The biggest challenge faced: due to the nature of Digital twin, the technology is only applicable for a specific segment of the market. In addition, the innovation is brand new, which causes the search volumes for Digital Twin related keywords to be extremely low due to low demand.

My responsibility was to still manage to come up with a solution to drive traffic in a new market that is guaranteed to generate revenue.

Brief Overview of My Approach:

Since the search volumes for most Digital Twin keywords were almost non-existent, I decided to go wide and broad. Meaning, create extremely targeted content in large quantity, that covers every single topic related to the innovation in-depth. By choosing the approach of ranking for everything related to Digital Twin technology that signals some form of buyer intent, this presented itself as a viable solution to generate profitable traffic.

My Step by Step Strategy Overview:

1. I’ve performed keyword research and acquired a total of 56 Digital Twin related keywords to target

2. After grouping relevant keywords together, I’ve written 47 targeted pieces of content to rank them

3. After completing my on-page work for all 47 articles, I’ve used my advanced, tiered interlinking method to build power and relevance internally

4. I’ve leveraged their entire website’s power to maximize the relevance of each article separately

5. Performed keyword research for their financial, Series A Funding related service keywords

6. Although the demand for Series A Funding related keywords was significantly higher, the same ranking methodology was applied to rank for the finance keywords as well

Ranking Results:

87 new institutions (e.g. Accenture, Ansys, Gartner, etc.) were attracted during the first 2 week period (Feb 1st, 2019 – Feb 14th, 2019) after all keywords hit page 1 of Google.

1st-page rankings were achieved for all 56 Digital Twin keywords

Top 3 positions were achieved for 25 Digital Twin keywords on Google:

Here’s a snippet of the traffic the rankings generated – all data was exported from Lead Forensics, a traffic monitoring software that Challenge Advisory was using as a 3rd party solution to track their website’s visitors:

Initial Traffic Proof (taken from Ahrefs):

Screenshots for Ranking Proof

General Rankings Overview:

Specific Rankings Overview: