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the process we use to help companies grow:

Maximizing Revenue

As an entrepreneur, you already got 101 things to do. Relax and focus on running your company while we work on ranking it on the SERPs.

Get In Front of Customers

Finally get in front of the right customers who are ready to buy and are looking for what you have to offer. Our mission is to make client acquisition effortless.

Outrank Your Competition

We will not be content with ranking your website for 1 keyword. Our goal is to make your business visible for every single relevant keyword your prospects type in to find you.

Increase Brand Exposure

Increase the value of your company’s brand by establishing a solid presence online, making your website a sustainable lead generation machine.

Industry Standard Best Practices

You will not see us using “black-hat”, short-term or not sustainable methods that are applied to your website. Rest assured that our time-tested process is safe.

Monthly Ranking Reports

You will always be informed and updated on your site’s rankings at the end of every single month. This will help you see the progress we are making towards the top.

Continuous Data Testing

Our team belongs to some of the best elite search advertising masterminds on earth that put in hundreds of hours to constantly test what the online platforms are looking for.

No Scary Contracts

We don’t take any prisoners. Our contract-free terms will make us earn your business every single month, removing the potential stress of working with a digital marketing agency.

Always By Your Side

Gain piece of mind by working with trusted experts who will always be there to answer you. We are not a “faceless” organization you can’t get in touch with.

Our Website’s Rankings Speak For Themselves

If an agency can’t rank their site, why should you trust them?

We use the same, exact methodologies that will be applied to rank your business for ourselves. That is why you’ve probably found us online by searching on Google and decided to consider us. Results speak louder than sales, therefore, we put our work in front of us.

The most important question you can ask to test the legitimacy of a digital marketer is – what have you ranked? Companies who talk the talk but don’t have any results to show are often times not competent enough to earn your business.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization For Companies In Cincinnati Ohio

Marketing and advertising your local services is the most foundational part every business should develop at some point. However, some business owners tend to rely on the famous word of mouth approach for marketing. They trust their hard work and depend on their previous clients to spread the good word about their service quality. Although focusing on referrals is a very smart and diligent way of maintaining a steady flow of customers, its effectiveness will always be capped by the efforts of your customers. I can almost guarantee that as a business owner, you give your 110% of energy to every single client of yours to get that traction from referral marketing going, but you might be anxious about the fact that someday, people will stop talking. Perhaps this is the reason you came to us.

This is why in addition to providing great services and gaining referrals, you need to build a lead generation machine you can depend on at the same time – ranking organically is a solid and long-term solution for that. If your business is visible online for every single keyword your prospects type in to find the services you provide, they will call you.

Over 51% of all traffic on the internet comes from search queries that are typed in online – this means that there’s a lot of business to be gained if you will succeed in establishing your brand online and get your business ranked for the keywords your potential clients are constantly typing in to find you. Unlike the word of mouth approach of getting business that you have zero control over, getting your company’s website ranked on Google and setting yourself up to be seen by customers who are looking for you is a sustainable and dependable long-term marketing strategy – if you can find the people that know how to rank your website the correct way.


So how does advertising on the search results differ from other types of marketing like PPC or Social Media advertising? Well, the statistics show that organic results (websites that you find organically except for paid Ads) generate much more clicks than paid online adverts do. To give you a better picture, let me talk about some data. The first organic result generates an average of 40% of all clicks a search term generates, whilst the top 4 paid Ads (there’s usually a maximum number of 4 paid Ads for a search query) split 20% of that traffic.

This might sound complex at first, so let’s jump into a quick and simple example:

  1. The keyword “Dallas Roofers” generates an average of 200 searches every single month
  2. The company that manages to rank #1 organically, gets 40% which is 80 clicks/mo
  3. With a 5% closing rate (which is extremely low), that’s 4 extra roofing clients per month

Now, we realize that a 5% conversion rate by a business is the worst case scenario and that most hard-working and trusted business owners, including you, will close at least 1 in 10 of incoming customers, which is 10%. If a decent business that has a decent reputation can close an average of 10% of their incoming calls, that is 8 new customers every single month according to our example above. This is the leverage organic rankings can give a local business. Now, comparing the math with referral marketing is obvious, but we will let you decide which one is more effective.


When it comes to paid Ads, the math is the same, however, since the number of clicks paid Ads receive is cut by 20%, that leaves us with the following numbers:

If 4 Ads show up for a given search term (which is the case that happens the most often), that’s:

20% / 4 = 5% of clicks received from a keyword that generates 200 searches a month. Remember the 20% is split in 4 because there are 3 other businesses that are competing for Ad space with you. This results in:

5% of 200 searches = 10 clicks
5% closing rate of 10 visitors = 0.5 new customers per month

In the worst case scenario (5% closing rate) that leaves you with 1 extra roofing customer every 2 months, plus Ad costs. If you can’t make big margins, you will struggle with making revenue.

Finally, let’s compare search marketing with Social Media Ads. Although very similar to paid Ads, prospects who are browsing social media are in a very different mindset. Ads on social media require a lot of budget in order to test which Ad copies will manage to distract your leads just enough for them to check out your offer. This is because people who browse their social media are not in the mindset of looking for a service provider, even though they need one – they are interested in socializing, chatting, interacting, rather than checking out roofing or plumbing services they are thinking about getting this week.

In comparison to the people that are typing in keywords online, who already are looking for an answer to a problem, whether it would be a product or a service – your only responsibility is to do a good job at making your website show up in front of them. Making your business visible organically helps you get found by people who are already looking to make a purchase. This is why the conversion rates for websites that rank organically are the highest of all marketing channels out there – people are simply in the mindset of buying.

Improving Your Organic Search Presence

Ok, I understand why search marketing is important. So, tell me what do I need to do to rank? I wish it was that easy to explain or accomplish, but this is the reason why we do what we do. When it comes to ranking your business in your specific area (or any local area in the world really), our following process comes down to the following steps:

  1. Determining what keywords your leads type in and targeting the most valuable ones first
  2. Building out specific on-site elements and trusted links to prepare your website
  3. Performing link building processes that compliment industry standard best practices
  4. Solidifying your rankings for the long-run by establishing a trusted link profile

This is the process in a nutshell without the 37 hours-worth of additional text.

How Our Services Differ From Other SEO Experts In The Cincinnati OH Area

We have designed our method for ranking websites by making our approach client-centered. Meaning, that you will tell us your vision and we will work hard to live up to it. We don’t want to restrain the people that work with us by imposing the things they “should” do. Every single business owner that worked with us will tell you that their opinion and perspective of their company’s presence online was valued, considered and lived up to. This means that you will tell us the keywords you want to get ranked for, how your leads should see your business and what marketing approach you think will work best for you. However, it is our duty to point you towards the right path and advise you if we think some keywords will bring more business than others.

After being in the industry for over 4 years now, we have seen a lot of unnecessary stress from the perspective of the people that are looking for digital advertising solutions due to long-term contracts. We do not take any prisoners. This means that there are no contracts with us, our internet marketing services must live up to your expectations and that we have to earn your business every single month. We believe that a search marketing service of great value does not need to come with unnecessary obligations because people who are content, will stay with a service provider who makes then content. End of story.

Stop Giving Away Customers To Your Competitors

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